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Do you want a tutoring session to help your child improve his/her skills in combined areas such as reading, writing, spelling and homework?

Just ask us and we will plan each tutoring session around these requirements.

Our Programs


At Kate’s Tutoring Services, the individual learning needs of your child are catered for.

Each lesson is carefully planned to ensure your child receives the best possible education.

I have a number of educational programs that can be helpful to your child:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Homework
  • NAPLAN preparation

These subjects will be delivered to your child in a variety of interesting and effective ways.

Here are just a few of the strategies I will use to devleop your child’s knowledge, understanding and skills in reading and writing:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Word analysis
  • Story examination
  • Comprehension monitoring strategies
  • Graphic organisers (diagrams, charts, storyboards)
  • Metacognition
  • Summarising methods
  • Questioning texts

These strategies have been researched extensively and are proven to be highly effective.

I will develop lessons for your child that relate to the National Curriculum; to ensure your child’s newly learned skills are applicable across all subjects at school.

After an initial assessment, I will develop clearly defined goals for future lessons and I will update you with regular progress reports.

If you have any questions about the programs on offer, please click here to send me an email, or call me on 0421 506 221.

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