Do you want the best for your child?...

Do you want the best for your child?...

Do you want the best for your child?...

Do you want the best for your child?...

Do you want the best for your child?...


Does your child feel like a loser when reading and writing?

Nobody should ever feel this way. I am here to help!

If you are concerned about your child’s education, contact me.

I am a Professional Teacher, and a fully qualified Specialist Tutor with the Australian Tutoring Association.

About Kate’s Tutoring Services in Townsville


Hi, my name is Kate Cuzzilla, and I am the owner and operator of Kate’s Tutoring Services, Townsville.

Thanks for visiting. If you are looking for a Professional Teacher to educate your child, you have come to the right place!

I am passionate about education and even more passionate about helping your child reach his/her full potential.

Research shows that children who struggle to read and write at school rarely catch up to their classmates, unless they receive extra assistance from an expert tutor. This is where I come in.

I have dedicated my life to helping kids improve their reading and writing skills, and I love watching their faces light up when they realise what they are capable of!

As a Professional Teacher, I will help your child achieve success in reading and writing, using a variety of highly effective techniques that are personalised to cater for your child’s individual needs.

I teach children of all ages, however, most children are tutored between Years 2-12.

If you would like to know more about the subjects I specialise in and the techniques I will use to accelerate your child’s learning, please click here.

So what does all of this mean for you and your child? Well, I will plan lessons for your child that are relevant, interesting and fun.

I will take your child’s education seriously and update you with regular progress reports; you will always know what is going on with your child’s education.

When you engage my services, you are getting more than just a tutor.

Call me on 0421 506 221 for a no obligation conversation about your child, or click here to get in touch via this site.