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My Story

Meet Kate, Fully Qualified and Registered Secondary teacher

Do you worry about your children? I do too. That is why I have spent my life working with them.

I am a fully qualified and registered Secondary teacher who has been educating students with great passion since 2002.

I believe I was born to be an educator; I love working with children and have spent many years in the classroom.

I have also dedicated a large part of my career to working with students with special needs, including students with behavioural and intellectual difficulties and disabilities.

I am passionate about education and even more passionate about helping children reach their full potential.

I know that we all learn differently which is why I plan my lessons to cater for the individual learning needs of each student I tutor.

Kids are all born differently and I don’t think schools always allow for that difference. This bothers me because, as a classroom teacher, I have seen how easily a child can fall behind.

When children struggle with classwork and aren’t given a chance to ‘catch up’ to their classmates, they keep falling further and further behind, until failure is almost certain.

Even if your child has fallen behind in reading and writing, with a little bit of help, he/she can experience success again.

If your child is doing well in reading and writing, a tutor is a great way to make sure he/she continues to experience that success.

This is where I come in. I can help your child learn the basics, or I can help your child build upon his/her reading and writing skills.

The simple fact is I want to see your child reach his/her full potential and have the confidence to succeed in any chosen path.

I want to improve your child’s academic skills and increase his/her chances for a better future.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity

Our Belief


I do not believe intelligence is something we are simply born with. Given a chance, I believe people have the ability to succeed in whatever path they choose in life.

Mastery of ‘the basics’ is the best way to empower people to succeed. For example, learning how to read or understand a text will lead to a greater understanding of the world and a better chance of success within it.

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